Trinity and Sons Waxhaw NC Locksmith

Lockout services – We are the leaders

Lockouts don’t happen to everyone. But those who have suffered a lockout will realize the need for timely service by competent people. People are not usually prepared for lockouts because they don’t expect lockouts to happen to them. But knowing that lockouts occur, you can prepare yourself for such situations. If you know whom to call during a lockout, you will not be upset when a lockout occurs. When it comes to lockout services, we are the leaders. Trinity and Sons Waxhaw NC Locksmith is a company with high reputation for solving all kinds of problems relating to locks and keys. Call us if you have a lockout.

Make your master key system perfect

A master key system will be very useful for your organization but only if you implement it systematically. A number of people who have installed master key systems are spending a lot of money and time to make it perfect. Avoid this situation by taking our help even before you install a master key system. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Waxhaw NC is a company that has skilled and experienced experts to help you. They will understand your needs and suggest a system suitable for your needs. They will then help you implement it in a way that will make it work perfectly for a long time.

Padlocks service – What you should know

Padlocks are well known locks that have been around for long. Does it mean you can take a risk if they need to be repaired? You shouldn’t obviously. Padlocks have intricate mechanisms. They will get easily damaged if handled by amateurs. Trinity and Sons Waxhaw NC Locksmith is one of the few companies that combines professional expertise with personalized customer service. We employ only the most skilled people to do repairs on padlocks. Our trained locksmiths will make your padlock work as smoothly as a new one. Call us for a fast service at your doorsteps. Our service is excellent but our fee is moderate.

How will you like your keys radio-dispatched to you?

We are one of the few people who use radio-dispatching of keys. Our objective is to give you the best service in the shortest possible time at a moderate cost. To fulfill all the three objectives, we have set up mobile workshops. Any lock or key that requires servicing done in the workshop is brought to a mobile workshop closest to you. The repair work is done fast by our skilled workers in the workshop. The keys are then radio-dispatched to you so as to make the service even faster. Only a company like Trinity and Sons Waxhaw NC Locksmith can do this.