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Magnetic locks by Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Shelby NC

We have a variety of magnetic locks that are available in lots of sizes, purpose as well as colors. Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Shelby NC has been able to capture the market of magnetic locks repairing and installing in the state. We have been able to supply lots of designs for repairing and installing the locks related products and items. Our magnetic locks are widely used in the wood furniture, aluminum as well as other metal fixtures. For our product details and specifications, you should visit our online website along with for specific product details, you can call us at our technical support center.


Mobile home locks by Trinity and Sons Locksmith Shelby NC

A wide range for mobile home locks are available in the markets. The range includes manual key locks, digital locks and transponder key. Trinity and Sons Locksmith Shelby NC locksmith uses latest technology for installing the keys as well as gadgets. For the transponder key, we have a separate electronics department. We also deal with fitting services for installing the mobile home locks. We have manual door lock and many types of digital door locks. All digital locks programmed to give off security signals to digital circuit for security alarm. For more designs and specifications, log on to the website and find the details in our free catalogs.

The locksmith is a great helper for Padlocks

Once you think about Padlocks system, locksmith is a well-known source for this purpose. Pad locks are made for your security and safety reasons. So it is very necessary that you must consider about any reliable service provider. The locksmith is a trustworthy name for moderate and serious people. Keep in mind that security is not a light concern. You must search a light weighted and durable as well as cheap rate products for this purpose. We have the best for your all sorts of security matters. You will get a wide range of Padlocks at our stores and also you can search by internet shops.

What is the Peephole and how to locksmith Shelby NC install it?

We have numerous types of security gadget for you. You can receive our full range of products and services by calling Trinity and Sons Locksmith Shelby NC. Same with all other gear, Peephole is also a great security tool for your home and offices. You should install it on your apartment and home main door. We are offering peepholes with most advance knowledge about the security technology. So, when you install this gear at your front and main door, you will see the difference between our service and other different services easily. Because when we install it, we try to get the advance search related to the peepholes technology so that we can provide you the best and perfect products with very low rate.