Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Pineville NC

Have your safes and vaults opened by skilled professionals.

Why do you want a safe or vault opened? Because you have lost the key. But you want to use the safe or vault again, don’t you? Then it makes sense that you get your safes and vaults opened by experts in the line. If you are going to throw the safe out after opening and taking out the contents, then you can ask anyone to do the job. Even then care is needed to break open the safe without damaging the contents! Call Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Pineville NC, the leading specialists in the field to get your safes and vaults opened safely.

Get your transponder keys repaired without damaging them

Did you ever have any problem with transponder keys? Then you would have found out that repairing these kinds of keys requires special skills. Not all locksmiths are equipped with the skills. It needs some knowledge of Electronics to understand how a transponder key works. Only using such knowledge can a problem with a transponder key be fixed. We are experts in servicing all kinds of keys. We know how to handle transponder keys. We have people specially trained for this job. For any problem with your transponder keys, contact Trinity and Sons Pineville NC Locksmith, a company with a proven record of expertise.

Expert help for window gates repairs

Window gates problems can be of various types. It may be a single bar getting broken or some severe damage done to some part of the window. Window gates repair has to be done quickly because you can’t keep the windows unusable for long. You need to close and open the windows for purposes varying from controlling air and heat flow to ensuring security. In your hurry, don’t allow inexperienced people to do a patch up job and make the remedy worse than the disease. You need to get the problem fixed by professional people like Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Pineville NC who combine expertise with experience.

Can you work weekends – We have an opportunity!

Weekends are precious for you. You use your weekends to relax and enjoy. But if there is an opportunity that offers you a good amount of cash in exchange for a few hours of your week end, what will you say? Contact Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Pineville NC if you are willing to work weekends and earn a handsome second income. You will enjoy the work because it will be interesting. We will train you to do simple repairs of locks and keys. You will get paid for acquiring a new skill and using it during weekends. Call us to know more.