Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Mint Hill NC

Lockout Services Now Available At Night

If you have ever been locked out of your vehicle or your house, then you would surely know the discomfort that one faces during such a scenario. That is the reason Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Mint Hill NC has decided to provide you with effective Lockout Services even at night. We don’t want our customers to feel unsafe at any time and it is dangerous to be in such situations at night especially. You won’t have to wait around for hours. Just give us a call at 704-626-7372 and we’ll be at your service at any hour immediately.

Magnetic Locks Available For All Types Of Gates

Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Mint Hill NC stock a full line of Magnetic Locks for a wide range of entryways, vehicular doors and person on foot doors. Our models are intended to secure any kind of entryway or door that closes against an altered stop. The greater part of our locks segments are deliberately outlined fabricated and tried to guarantee prevalent quality. Our models are stacked with a mixed bag of extraordinary highlights incorporating inherent bell, manufactured in key switch, time delay, entryway observing, and climate safe. Make sure to install them on your assets and keep them safe.

Completely Secure Your House By Installing Window Gates

Never thought of installing bars around your windows? You may have installed a lot of top of the line security devices in your house but if you haven’t installed Window Gates, then you haven’t completely ensured that your house is safe from all kinds of dangers. They are especially recommended if you have toddlers. Contact Trinity and Sons Locksmith Mint Hill NC at any time and get your custom made Window Gates in any style, for any type of window. Window Gates are our specialty; they are our pride. You don’t have to doubt about our service regarding this aspect.

We Are What We Are Because Of Our Work Evenings Service

Most locksmith companies you might have availed won’t have provided you with Evening Service. But we at Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Mint Hill NC can claim to be different from the rest. Ask any of our customers and you will get to know how satisfied they are with our Work Evenings Service. This service is the reason why our customers trust us. We have efficient and fresh staff dedicated for this service alone. We don’t believe in false claims; we believe in delivering them with effort so that our customers can trust us with their precious assets.