Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Charlotte NC – Fast and Reliable

Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Charlotte NC is Part of the Town

During the 80s there was a wave of home invasions in NC that effected the residents of Charlotte. It became apparent that a new type of preventative security was needed. The company began as a means to help as many people as possible protect there home. Trinity and Sons Locksmith in Charlotte NC specializes in custom securities for the home and workplace. A strong lock installation is an essential part at protecting any office, house, or apartment. There is no reason to be without one.

A Secure Home with a Secure Lock

A strong lock is important for a safe home. A qualified locksmith in Charlotte NC is required to install the lock properly in order for the lock to have its maximum strength. Trinity and Sons Lockss in Charlotte, NC work to protect their neighborhood one lock at a time. There is no reason to ever put your home and loved ones at risk due to poor locksmithing. Remember to call 704-626-7372 today and speak to a security specialist over the phone to have all your questions answered.


Trinity & Sons Charlotte Local Locksmith – 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

It is obvious to us that simple business hours are not enough to maintain excellent customer service. We have locksmiths on the road at all times to help assist the residents of Charlotte in anyway they can. This is a service designed to assist with annoying accidental home and car lockouts, replace broken locks in the middle of the night and other emergency lock/key related situations. There is no reason to go another night with an unsafe, broken lock, or a missing key when our mobile Charlotte locksmiths are working around the clock.

The Strongest Installation

There is no reason to put your home at risk because of a poor lock installation. A lock technician should offer no less than the strongest most reliable workmanship possible. You should never accept second class locksmithing from a technician, and with Trinity and Sons Charlotte Locksmith you never have to! All our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and can always give a quote before they begin working. They are also able to make recommendations on the most suitable style of lock for your specific type of door.

A Successful Business

For several decades we have been working hard to help secure the neighborhoods one lock at a time and business has been good. Customer satisfaction is at an all time high and we want to work to maintain it. There has never been a more convenient time to call our
Locksmith in Charlotte NC at 704-626-7372.